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Are you a CPA?

No, we are full-charge bookkeepers. Therefore, our rates are more affordable than a CPA. Most CPA firms bill out their bookkeepers at a much higher rate.

Why not hire my own bookkeeper? Wouldn’t it be more cost effective?

Not necessarily. Having a staff costs a lot more than their hourly rate. You also would pay for their payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, medical insurance, vacation and sick pay and any other possible benefits. Additionally, confidentiality of handling your financial information and labor disputes are a growing concern. Finally, it is very difficult to find qualified bookkeepers with the goal of keeping your financials organized timely in order to keep your business financially moving ahead.

Do you come to me or do I bring my books to you?

We can always arrange to come to you. We do outside training and bookkeeping on a regular basis. However, we do offer a price deduction if we process your accounting in-house and represent you as “Your Accounting” Department.

How does it all work?

As “Your Accounting” department, we always answer our telephone “Accounting.” Therefore, when your customers and vendors call, we can assist them easily while they believe they are calling your business accounting department. This makes you not only look like a larger company, but an organized one. You simply direct callers to “Your Accounting” department and give them our telephone number to handle all of your accounting calls. We only charge you when we work on your account, saving you time and money.

Who keeps all the paperwork?

We do! We process all of your necessary accounting as “Your Accounting” Department, then we keep your accounts payable and accounts receivable files, all financials and checks in-house. We then box it all up in an organized fashion at the year end, and give you the box for storage. It’s that simple.

direct communication

Direct Communication

We have one-on-one direct communication with you. You are our employer as well as our client. We will keep you informed of your business financials on a regular basis, giving you a monthly financial analysis and can set up and review budgets for your company. We work directly with your CPA or tax preparer for year-end tax preparation. This allows you to get accurate accounting in the most affordable way.

  • Not only is Wanda a skilled bookkeeper, she is also a very pleasant person with whom to work. I highly recommend her.
    L. KobayashiPresident, Codebusters, Inc.
  • I had no idea how to do my bookkeeping/accounting. My job is to get a box and put everything in there and hand it to her on a quarterly basis. THAT’S IT! And that’s what I literally do. At the end of the year, she returns to me a fully indexed accounting of everything I’ve ever done, she categorizes all my qualified expenses, and if I need to 1099 anyone she will tell me who, for how much and will file the 1099 by 1/31 for me! I could go on and on about her services, I trust her implicitly, she reliable and professional as well as easy to work with.
    Sandy HolguinRealtor
  • We are a small company that was in desperate need of some booking help. Wanda came highly recommended to us by a friend who has a pretty big company with 80 employees. Wanda greatly exceeded our expectations. Not only did she do our bookkeeping, but she's also a Quickbooks trainer that was able to set up our accounts and train us so we could run our books our on a Mac! Thanks to her, our corporate books are in order and we are now trained in Quickbooks! We give her the highest recommendation.
    Andrew KeresztesCEO, Audiobro
  • Wanda has been a key player in our accounting department. Not only has she helped implement an accounting system that has lead to an increase in efficiency in processing our accounts payable and receivables for several Homeowner Associations, she has proven to be an excellent educator to the rest of our accounting team, ultimately saving the company time and money. I can't say enough and would highly recommend her to anyone!
    Dawne BucksPresident, Premier Property Services, Inc.